Calgary’s Friendliest Mortgage Broker – Rena St.¬†Clair AMP

Whether you are looking for financing or for a mortgage renewal, I can negotiate the best possible rate on the market, from both banks and private lenders. You’ll get access to several funding sources only available through a mortgage broker, and due to my industry relationships the approval process will be much faster.

I’m here to guide you throughout the application and renewal stages; you’re be getting hassle-free financing and a trusted advisor. Best of all, in most cases there is no fee for my services!

Why worry about it? Give me a call today and we can go over your options.

Preventing Foreclosures

I am a specialist in private lending for emergency financing. Whether you are going through a divorce, or you have just missed some payments on your mortgage, you need a calm and considered plan to turn the situation around and save your home.

Look: bad things happen to good people. I understand. The last thing you want to do is be pressured into a split second decision without considering a long term exit strategy. Financing can be secured in a short period of time, but too often the borrowers are left¬†high and dry after that point. I will help you prevent foreclosure, but the real goal is laying out a plan to get you back into a conventional mortgage as soon as possible. I’m committed to your long term financial security.

I know it’s a sensitive situation and it may be hard to talk about. I will help you deal with the issues and act urgently, but only after I am sure whatever steps we take are in your best interest. Read more here…

Need Help with Divorce Finances?



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